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May 1982





1 Saturday
  • Haig peace mission ends in failure. United States backs Britain with offer of military supplies, and sanctions against Argentina.
  • Major General Jeremy Moore appointed land deputy to C-in-C fleet.
  • SBS and SAS patrols land on the Falklands.
  • Eleven RAF Victor tanker aircraft supporting lone Vulcan bomber by night, with Royal Navy Sea Harriers at dawn, pound airfields and installations at Stanley and Goose Green.
  • First air-to-air combats: Three Argentine aircraft shot down, plus two others damaged. No British losses.
  • HMS Arrow damaged.
  • Cunard's flagship, QE 2 is requisitioned as a troop ship.
2 Sunday
  • Argentine cruiser General Belgrano sunk by torpedoes fired from nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror.
  • BAS Survey team and two photographers leave in HMS Antrim and RFA Tidespring for Ascension.
  • Russian spy trawler sighted off Ascension.
3 Monday
  •  Two Lynx from HMS Coventry and HMS Glasgow attack 2 patrol craft and sink the Alferez Sobral.
4 Tuesday
5 Wednesday
  •  Eight RAF Harriers of No 1(F) Squadron arrive on Ascension.
6 Thursday
  • Peace efforts led by Peru end in failure.
  • Two Royal Navy Sea Harriers are lost over the South Atlantic at night in bad weather.
  • Killed in Action: Lt W A Curtis , Lt Cdr J E Eyton-Jones
  • Argonaut Group leaves Ascension.
7 Friday
  • New peace initiative is launched by United Nations secretary-general, Javier Perez de Cuellar.
  • Britain widens war zone to within 12 nautical miles of Argentina's coast.
  • MV Norland, carrying 2 PARA, arrives at Ascension to join Amphibious Task Group.
8 Saturday
  •  Newly extended Exclusion Zone enforced.
  • First long range air supply drops to Task Force in South Atlantic.
9 Sunday
  • Narwal, an Argentine fishing vessel being used as spy ship, is bombed and strafed by two Royal Navy Sea Harriers, then boarded and sunk.
  • An Argentine helicopter is shot down by a missile from a British warship.
  • Military positions around Port Stanley bombarded by British warships.
  • RFA Sir Bedivere leaves Ascension.
10 Monday
  • HMS Sheffield sinks while under tow to safe anchorage in South Georgia.
  • Bristol Group leaves UK.
11 Tuesday
  • HMS Alacrity sinks supply ship Isla de Los Estados, and continues through Falkland Sound checking for mines.
  • Argentine Puma shot down.
  • HM Hospital Ship Uganda arrives off the Falklands and establishes a 'Red Cross Box' with Argentine counterpart, Bahia Paraiso.
12 Wednesday
  • United Nations peace talks reported to be making progress.
  • QE 2 sails from Southampton with 5 Infantry Brigade embarked.
  • Two Argentine Skyhawk fighter bombers escorting flights into the Falklands are shot down, two others shot down elsewhere.
  • HMS Glasgow damaged by a bomb which fails to explode.
  • A Sea King ditches.
  • HMS Cardiff, which was on patrol in the Persian Gulf, leaves Gibraltar for South Atlantic.
  • Patrolling Nimrod sights Argentine Boeing 707.
  • 3 Commando Brigade Operation Order for landing issued.
  • HMHS Uganda receives first casualties.
13 Thursday
  • Brigadier Thompson, Commander 3 Commando Brigade RM, holds Orders Group meeting in HMS Fearless.
  • Five minesweeping trawlers leave Ascension.
14 Friday
  •  'Active Service' declared.
  • Sir Anthony Parsons, Britain's envoy at the United Nations, and Sir Nicholas Henderson, Britain's ambassador to the United States, fly home from UN peace negotiations for urgent talks with Mrs Thatcher
15 Saturday
  • SAS land by helicopter in Pebble Island off the northern tip of West Falkland, and destroy 11 aircraft on a grass landing strip, plus an ammunition store.
  • SBS land in Grantham Sound.
16 Sunday
  • British ambassadors return to the USA.
  • Bombardment of military installations in the Falklands by British warships continues.
  • Two Argentine supply vessels damaged by Sea Harriers in Falkland Sound.
  • A third Argentine merchant ship, Rio Carcarana, is bombed and strafed in Port King Bay and a supply vessel moored close to Fox Bay settlement is strafed.
17 Monday
  • EEC renews sanctions against Argentina for another week: Italy and Ireland lift them altogether.
  • Argentine Air Force commander Brigadier Lami Dozo warns that British task force will receive 'massive attack' if it sails within range of Argentine weapons.
18 Tuesday
  • Hopes fade for a successful outcome to United Nations peace negotiations.
19 Wednesday
20 Thursday
  • Royal Navy Sea King helicopter from HMS Invincible crashes on a beach near Punta Arenas in Chile. Crew of three burn their machine and go into hiding, later surrendering and being repatriated.
21 Friday
22 Saturday
  • Field Hospital established at Ajax Bay.
23 Sunday
  • Bridgehead consolidated with 5,000 troops dug in.
  • HMS Antelope badly damaged and set on fire during air attack in Falkland Sound.
  • Killed in Action: Std M R Stephens
  • Bomb disposal expert killed while attempting to defuse bomb in HMS Antelope. Ship blazes white hot and is abandoned by her 175 crew.
  • Killed in Action: Sgt J Prescott CGM
  • Sea Harrier crashes into sea shortly after night take-off from HMS Hermes.
  • Killed in Action: Lt Cdr G W J Batt DSC
  • Eight Argentine aircraft destroyed.
24 Monday
  • Eight EEC nations vote to continue trade boycott of Argentina.
  • Nine more Argentine aircraft shot down.
25 Tuesday
26 Wednesday
  • UN adopts Resolution 505.
  • 2 PARA start advance on Goose Green.
27 Thursday
28 Friday
29 Saturday
  • Pope John Paul II begins long-scheduled visit to Britain.
  • Argentine forces surrender at Goose Green, up to 1,400 taken prisoner.
  • All 67 wounded from 2 PARA survive and are flown out to HMHS Uganda.
  • Argentine Hercules transport aircraft drops bombs on MV British Wye, 400 miles north of South Georgia. No damage.
30 Sunday
  • The men who died freeing Port Darwin and Goose Green are buried together in a mass grave on the hill above the Field Hospital at Ajax Bay.
  • Royal Marines advancing towards Port Stanley capture Douglas Settlement and Teal Inlet.
  • Maj. Gen. Moore arrives in Falklands.
  • Argentine air attacks resume on Task Force.
  • RAF Harrier damaged by ground fire during attack on Stanley, ditches at sea, pilot rescued.
31 Monday
  • UN Secretary General presents new peace plan.
  • Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre (RM) attack Argentine Special Forces at Top Malo House.
  • Task force troops reach Mount Kent, 12 miles west of Port Stanley.
  • Argentine aircraft attack British ships with bombs and missiles but are beaten off without damage or casualties.
  • Two Skyhawk aircraft shot down.
  • MV Atlantic Conveyor, devastated by Exocet missile on May 25, sinks under tow.