AGM Announcement Friday 20th March 2020 at 6pm

NOTICE FROM CHAIRMAN - AGM 2020 – Covid 2019

AGM Arrangements and Governance

I am sure that you are all concerned about the development of the Covid 2019 virus and the potential impact for our plans and the very conduct of our lives. This is a fast-developing situation and policies and actions change from day to day. Trustees are monitoring changes and have investigated the impact on the governance of SAMA and the forthcoming 2020 AGM. The Association is obliged under its governing document to hold successive AGMs with no more than fifteen months between them. Trustees have engaged the Charity Commission and they have agreed some flexibility in this rule in consideration of the extraordinary situation that has arisen.

Given the current situation and following discussion with the Charity Commission, the Trustees have decided to postpone the Annual General Meeting planned for 10am on Sunday 26th April 2020 in Hull.

The legally required Annual General Meeting which takes between 1/2 to 1 hour, will hopefully be held by the end of 2020. The calling notice for the meeting planned for April 2020 is cancelled and withdrawn. A further calling notice for a delayed AGM will be issued at least 30 days before the AGM that replaces the one in April 2020.

Attendance at the AGM is of course free; only the social programme, including accommodation, meals, transport, events and the gala dinner, is provided under a contract between members and IOW Tours.

The Virus

From what we have been told by scientists and the news media, this virus is selective and is most damaging to older persons especially those with existing medical conditions and particularly those with respiratory problems. Unfortunately, the age cohort of our members ranges between 56 years (18 when deployed to the South Atlantic) to about 95 for those who have survived into old age and were of senior age when deployed. We are therefore an aging group, some with conditions that renders them especially vulnerable. The virus is exchanged by close contact; a situation to be expected at a veterans’ weekend. National and Regional Policies This is a fast moving and ever-changing matter but is likely to involve isolation and scarcity of intensive medical treatment. You are advised to keep up-to-date with the latest advice and instructions on the prevention of the spread of the virus and personal protection. As if to emphasise the changing nature of plans; during the drafting of this information the government has announce a plan, yet to be implemented, to isolate over 70 year olds, and those with particularly vulnerable existing medical conditions, for up to four months. Clearly, after implementation of this plan, it would it be unwise to attend the event if you are over 70 or for some war pensioners and those medically vulnerable, regardless of age. As veterans, with a record of loyal support during the country’s time of need, we would be duty bound to comply and show leadership with the protective policies of the government. Insurance and mitigation of losses You are advised to check your travel insurance policies to see whether, in the event of cancellation, you would be able to successfully claim some, or all of the money already paid to IOW Tours. Any cancellation would come from either IOW Tours or from the Hotel through IOW Tours. SAMA is unable to cancel the social programme, neither could it do so without adversely affecting your potential to make a claim under your insurance. You have the option to decide not to attend the weekend and, in some cases, depending on personal health, this might be the wisest decision. It is suggested that you think carefully before informing IOW tours of your withdrawal since it may disadvantage your potential insurance claim. You are strongly advised to read through the attached IOW Tours announcement of the 13 March 2020 regarding your possible recovery of payments should you decide to withdraw.


These are exceptional times and trustees very much regret the uncertainty and possible demise of this year’s AGM weekend. I am sure, that as veterans, we understand the ups, downs and uncertainties, and the set-backs that inevitably punctuate the lives of every person. We hope that both the country and SAMA can stoically recover from this threatening period and emerge into a period of peace, prosperity and good health for all.

Gordon Mather Chair of Trustees

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