This page is dedicated to the memory of:


Jason Stuart Burt

3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment

I was at school with Jason and am the same age as he would be now if his life had not been cruelly curtailed by a pointless war. I remember him fondly as a fun, entertaining and good-looking boy who stole the hearts of many young girls. He LOVED being a soldier and was passed out from his class as one of the best young recruits to the parachute regiment (3 Para). Only 18 tender years had he lived before he gave his life bravely and fearlessly for his country. Gone but never forgotten. At this sad time for his parents and siblings, my condolences, I miss him too.

With love and forever in my heart.

Denise Payne (class mate at Chapel End Junior High School)


My name is Jane Perkins (formerly Wilkins) and I was at school with Jason, we were in the same class together. He lived just round the corner to me in Walthamstow, London. I can always remember him being a very cheeky chappie, he was always getting into trouble with our teacher Mr Walker at Chapel End School. He thought that everything he did was extremely funny. I got off a bus one night and there was a really ugly old man sitting on the wall by the bus stop, I remember thinking I hope he doesn’t speak to me (I was only 14/15 years old). I got off the bus by myself and walked past the man without looking at him. I walked about 5 yards when the old man leapt off the wall shouting at me, I was extremely scared and he chased me into the road, all of a sudden the old man pulled at his hair and I then realised that it was a mask and guess who was underneath it but Jason laughing like a drain at scaring the life out of me. I have always remembered that evening with great affection.

I always remember the day I found out that he was going to the Falklands, thinking that it was very unfair that he was being sent at the age of 17. He was not allowed to go to Northern Ireland because he was not of age, I believe they had to be 18 to go there but he was being sent to fight in the Falklands. I could not believe he had been killed, a few of us met up and had a drink for Jason, remembering his life. I remember the painting that had been painted of Jason, I have a newspaper clipping of that from the Walthamstow Guardian.

I have only kind and funny memories of an old friend, Jason Burt.

Jane Perkins