Channel Islands Region

Tim Slann – Channel Islands

Born, bred and educated in Guernsey.
I joined the RN as an Artificer Apprentice aged 16 in Jan 1977 with a keen interest in marine engineering. After attending Fisgard and Caledonia joined HMS Brighton as my first shop in September 1980. Joined HMS Intrepid in June 1981.
I married my wife Vanda on 27 March 1982 and was on honeymoon when I was recalled to Intrepid as the UK Armed Forces were mobilized for the Falklands conflict.
Sailed Portsmouth 15 April and Portland 27 April.
My rate at the time was MEA3 (Leading Hand) and my role onboard Aft Machinery Throttle Jockey and 2.1 Fire & Repair attack party. However, one of my most important roles was 3HA2 mess Beer Bosun!
Intrepid played a leading role in the Falklands spending many nights at sea dropping troops off around the coast before making a dash back to the relative safety of San Carlos in the hope we returned before the air raids re-commenced.
I have many memories of my time Down South but two of my most vivid are after the landings, climbing onto my bunk wondering if I’d ever see my young wife of 8 weeks ever again; and hearing the huge ‘clang’ of the bomb which hit just aft of the Aft Machinery Control Room and not exploding.
Retuned to Pompey safely 14 July 82.
As well as having a number of shore drafts, I went on to serve on Fife, Intrepid (again), Fearless (twice),
Left RN in 2000 as a Charge Chief to become the Shipyard a Manager at a Guernsey Shipyard for 3.5 years.
Took up teaching DT at Elizabeth College in Guernsey (the school I attended) in Sept 2003.
Now Head of Year 7 and Contingent Commander of the school’s CCF and Island’s Royal British Legion Parade Commander.
Currently Channel Island SAMA Rep and looking for contacts in Jersey.

 Contact Details: 
Mobile: 07781 149212