Chris Jones - Trustee
Fundraising & Events

Name,  Charles Lawrence Jones ( better known as Chris )
Married, to Jennifer and has 2 sons Darren (Army)  & Simon
Status,  Retired
Service.  Royal Navy – August 1964 – November 1993. Junior Assistant Cook -Chief Petty Officer(CK)
From day (1) in the RN –  your life changes in everyway a sharp short shock to the system, however you are learning each day, the ups and downs, of life in a blue suit.
I would do my time over again if l had the chance it was my life and it moulded me into what l am to this day.
Many of us visited places they saw postcards or films about around the globe,with stacks of leave,meeting many different cultures and making new friends. Unfortunately the sadder times were in the 1982 Falkland Islands Conflict, particularly the Catering branch.
l lost several shipmates on Sheffield and Ardent. The ship l served on during the Conflict was H.M.S.Arrow,  a type 21 frigate which went alongside Sheffield to tackle the internal fires but as we all know it was a losing battle, we took all the survivors on board fed and clothed them gave up our beer ration and our pit till they were taken to other ships in the fleet. l served Sheffield 18 months before 82, so l knew most of the chefs who lost there lives. To this day l can still see Sheffield on the horizon thick smoke coming from her, as we steamed towards her very very sad day in my Naval career.
After the Falklands l was drafted to different ships and shore bases around the U.K, finally being promoted to C.P.O., before leaving the Royal Navy In November 1993.
Civvy Street Really! I could go on for ages give me the R N any day.
Disclaimer: Trustee Profile written & submitted by Mr Chris Jones