The Eighth Hospital Ship Uganda Reunion
14th to 18th September 2022

The Eighth Hospital Ship Uganda Reunion will be held as a ‘mini-cruise’ on board the P&O Cruise Ship Aurora Cruise Number R213 – September 14th to 18th 2022.This event is open to all those who served on board Her Majesty’s Hospital Ship Uganda during the Falklands War as military or civilian personnel and those who were treated on board the hospital ship as patients and/or transported back to UK in military units. Partners/husbands/wives and/or carers will be welcome to join the group. An informal service of commemoration is being planned on board the ship to mark the fortieth anniversary year of the Falklands War; otherwise, supporters will be encouraged to reflect while at sea with former colleagues on the unique motto of SAMA82 – “From The Sea – Freedom’…..

Please contact, in the first instance, SAMA82 member Nicci Pugh: