Liberation Poem

Heavy air
Despondent Argies trudge past
Parents stare.
Dennis, bellows, “get to your safe building,
You’ve better protection there”

Noisy air
Officer barks and shoots over fleeing conscripts’ heads.
Parents feed cat, turn off
Hastily prepare.

Dangerous air
Family scurrying in bullet dodging fear.
Blood spots in the snow.
Special Forces, silently watching, giving hope.
Liberators are near.

Safe air
Hospital crowded with war weary locals.
Street fighting expected.
Medical staff prepare.

All staring at the air.
White helicopter lands.
Peace men walk by,
all hope…

Joyful air.
They’re here! We’re Free.
Town filled with long awaited friendly faces.
Brave, brave British military men,
an answered prayer

-Rachel Simons