SAMA 82 Concessionary flight application - Terms and Conditions of Acceptance


1. All Veterans Concessionary Flights are at the sole discretion of the MoD.
2. Only holders of the South Atlantic Medal can apply for a Veterans Concessionary Flight using this form.
3. You are responsible for your transportation costs to and from RAF Brize Norton and Mount Pleasant Airport.
4. You must have sufficient funds to cover the cost of a commercial flight to the United Kingdom, if required.
5. You must pay the concession fare at Brize Norton on departure.
6. You have arranged and confirmed accommodation in the Falkland Islands.
7. You must ensure that your Next of Kin / power of attorney details listed are identical to the emergency contact details in your passport.
8. The information you provide is subject to data protection laws. By completing these questions, you are giving personal data that the association will protect and use as given below
9. The information will be used for the purpose of applying for a concessionary flight, contacting you, checking your details against our medal holder and membership records. For this purpose, the minimum data necessary will be shared with others, including the MOD, Falklands Veterans Foundation and on occasions the Falklands Government Office. When data is shared instructions are provided to sharers on the limits of use and time that it may be kept before it is destroyed. Data you supply is normally available only to Trustees, employees and data sharers.
10. If you give consent to the use of your personal data, as described above, then submission of this application indicates that you understand the arrangements and give consent for the use, storing, processing and sharing of your data.
11. When appropriate you consent to be included in photographs and articles included in the SAMA 82 newsletter and website.

1. Personal details
Travel arrangements
Insurance details - If you do not have these now, please provide to SAMA office prior to departure
Please check through your answers.
Then click submit to agree to the terms and conditions and apply for a concessionary flight.