George Birkett – South Central Region (UK)

My name is George Birkett and I have been the South Central Area Coordinator since 2012.

During the Falklands war, I served on HMS Invincible as a Mechanician 1st Class, a Chief Mechanician and finally downgraded to a Charge Chief Marine Engineering Artificer (old Mechs v Tiffs joke).

My part of ship during this time was the Forward Unit consisting of the Engine and Gear rooms I spent most of the time closed up down the Forward Engine Room.

Like many of you I have returned to the Falklands(2014) and although I never got ashore during 82 I could still relate to many of the major sites.

During this time I was very fortunate to have been escorted to Mount Longdon, Wireless Ridge and Mount Harriet by Trevor Lawe who was the resident Royal Marine Sgt working with the FIDF.

I retired in 2011 and at present spend my time doing as little as possible in the longest possible time. Along with other area members, I attend several functions during the year, which are all advertised on the SAMA (82) website, so keep looking as additional help is always required.

Yours Truly at HMS Collingwood Summer Show.









This photo was taken in 1982 either before or after closing up at “Action Stations” down 6Q cabin flat. Yes, despite all the rumours, Invincible did manage to leave the comfort of Joberg to play her part in the war.