This page is dedicated to the memory of:

Lance Corporal

Brett Patrick Giffin

3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron Royal Marines

Malcolm Lowery

It is with the utmost humbleness and respect that I would like to submit a brief personal story about Lance Corporal Brett Giffin, 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron. My memory is not as clear as I would like, but I worked with Brett for a brief time when I first joined 42 Commando in 1975.

When I arrived at 42 Commando in 1975 I met a tall Marine with a terrific sense of humour; Brett Giffin. I remained on rear party when our unit went to Northern Ireland because I was still under 18. I used to meet with Brett and other Marines for a soda in the mornings next to the NAAFI. Every time I saw Brett, he would make me laugh. I remember on one occasion he got some black tape and made officers “pips” and put them on his shoulders and decided to see how long he could get away with “impersonating” an officer before he got caught. Eventually we went our separate ways, and I would occasionally hear about Brett. I was in Oversnow Troop Commando Logistics Regiment when I sailed down to the Falkland Islands. I knew Brett was an observer with 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron but had not seen him for several years. I still remember vividly being on an LSL waiting to land and hearing the news one of our helicopters had been shot down, and both the pilot and observer had been killed in the water. My heart sank at the news of the lost helicopter and sank even further when I heard Brett was the observer on the helicopter.

Brett’s death was a great loss, and I will miss him. I will always, always remember fondly the tall Marine with the great sense of humour, who had the officer “pips” on his shoulder.


Brett was a drinking partner for my time in 42, did a couple of NI tours with him then he left for air squadron, have many great memories spent with a top man, greatly saddened when he passed, still think of him today, on a run ashore with him we’d ask Brett you pissed yet, he’d look down trousers still dry “not yet would be his reply”

W Coombes 42 Commando,

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