How to contribute to the SAMA(82) Garden of Remembrance 

How to contribute to the SAMA(82) Garden of Remembrance

Let me start by saying that if you knew someone who is remembered on these pages, and would like to help us, your contribution will be warmly welcomed.

Many of us who lost a friend or comrade, or especially a relative, have a desire to see them live on in our collective memory. That may be more than a desire for some, it may be a real need. Others may find such memories too painful, and we should respect their feelings too. Together, this makes my task especially sensitive as each of those whom we lost in the conflict is someone’s loved-one, a best friend, a great pal. Therefore, it is more fitting as a Garden of Remembrance that we should record fond memories here, and dwell as little as possible on matters of contention. What we seek is anything that adds to what may be found in the public domain and which often fails to reflect the personality. That is the crucial point, they have personalities; they are not just statistics. We would like to know more about each of these special people – the date and place of birth, were they married, did they have children? What ships or units did they serve with and when, what do their comrades remember of them?

Please contact us to introduce yourself and say who you wish to contribute material for and we can advise you on the best way of submitting it. Contributions are best submitted via e-mail. Photographs (prints, slides and negatives) and other documents can be scanned and returned to you if you are not able to do this yourself. Of course, due care will be taken with such material and it will be returned when the work is complete. However, please be aware that sometimes things do go wrong. In the worst-case scenario your material could be lost. I point that out not because it is likely, but to urge you to take reasonable steps – make copies of anything that you especially value, and send us those instead.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss any aspect of the Garden of Remembrance.

Paul Holling
Custodian of the Garden of Remembrance
Please email: