Joe Locke - Trustee
Seafarers/ABF Liasion, Equal Opportunities

Under the White Ensign for 22years reaching the rate of Petty Officer (SA) was medical discharge after contracting a virus during the first Gulf War which is muscle wasting disease affecting my right arm  & lungs. During my time in the RN served on five warships, three Royal Naval Air Stations & with the RFA.

After leaving the Royal Navy in 1993 I was head hunted by the Logistic Team at RNAS Culdrose to join the workshop team. My time as a civil servant ended in 2006 as I was transferred to become a SERCO contractor. Retired in 2018 after working on different airframes from Jet Stream and Seaking to Merlin. During my at Culdrose I became a life member of the Senior Rates Mess at HMS Seahawk & along with my wife Josie attend informal & formal functions. I enrolled in the Royal Naval Association Helston Branch in 1994 & became the secretary two years later, last year the branch celebrated it 40th anniversary. In 1997 a certain Rick Jolly tracked me down at work to join the SAMA82 , I think it cost him a tot of rum. Now retired I decided to become a Trustee to put something back into the association.

During the war I was serving on HMS Cardiff  and was a relief for HMS Sheffield as the middle east guard ship. Alongside at Mombasa in Kenya, the Cardiff was despatched as a need for anti aircraft ship required down south, so we left for a cooler climate.  Made a 12,000 mile voyage via Gibraltar to relieve a bombed HMS Glasgow after joining up with the Bristol Group.  It was hard for the ship company to hear of the loss of the Sheffield our sister ship as we were writing will & letters home on that long voyage.

After the war I was drafted to RNAS Portland where I met Josephine (Josie) a Leading Wren (SA) and were married two years later. Live in Cornwall. No children

The pictures are of myself & Josie at a garden party at Buckingham Place & Peter Cherry (Atlantic Conveyor) & Joe Morton (HMS Antelope) with myself at the masthead HMS Seahawk remembrance day 2019.


Disclaimer: Trustee Profile written & submitted by Mr Joe Locke