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Falkland Island benches

The Association has been invited to supply two benches to be located along the water front at Stanley. Trustees have discussed the invitation and believe that the best way to enable the supply of these benches is to ask for donations from pilgrims both past and future. The donations will defray the cost of supply and shipping (estimated at £1500) of these durable benches. A fitting description will be attached. READ MORE

HMS AVENGER Remembered by the Falkland Islanders in New Museum

The Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust is based in the old government dockyard in central Stanley, and at the Historic Dockyard Museum site. We tell the stories of the Islands from discovery, through settlement and up to the present day with displays relating to lifestyle, social history, wildlife and our rich maritime heritage. The Historic Dockyard Museum is in one of the oldest buildings in Stanley, the old Central Store, which was built in late 1840’s when the seat of government and the capital was moved from Port Louis to Stanley. This was done partly on the recommendations of experienced naval men such as Sir James Clark Ross, Antarctic Explorer, and Robert Fitzroy, of HMS Beagle, who recommended Stanley Harbour and Port William as better harbours for ships to enter and shelter against the prevailing westerly winds. Some of the beams in the roof of the Museum still have the names of ships that visited Stanley in the late 1800’s. On display are sections relating to discovery, early settlement, early life in the Islands together with an upstairs gallery featuring a diorama on the wildlife of the Islands, and a maritime section (see photo). We also have displays relating to the important naval Battles of Coronel, off the coast of Chile, and the Battle of the Falklands in 1914. The period of the 1982 war is also covered briefly at the Historic Dockyard Museum, through an audio-visual film “Through Children’s Eyes” which covers the events of April –June 1982 through the perspective of Islanders who were children at the time of the invasion. At the new Lookout Gallery and Exhibition Hall, which is in the planning stages at the moment, we will be able to display more items and tell the events of 1982 in more detail than we can at the dockyard site and have space to show other large items in our collection that we cannot house at the dockyard site. In addition this new facility will provide over 650 square feet of vitally needed storage space under one roof for the many items in our collection so that we can preserve them for future generations. To find out more information about the Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust and our plans for the Lookout Gallery and Exhibition Hall please visit our website at “ The Museum Trustees are also seeking donations towards the construction of the new annexe. The estimated cost is in the region of £1.5 million of which £500,000 has already been raised. Donations can be made to their account at Gibraltar International Bank via bank transfer. If any groups or individuals can provide financial support then please email Alison Barton at who will be happy to furnish the necessary Account details. David Woollard, Vice Chairman and Treasurer, Type 21 Club