Robin Turk

Born in Sellindge, in the east of the county of Kent – a proud “Kentish Man”.

I joined the Royal Navy in September 1972 – entering the gates of HMS Fisgard at the tender age of 15 to begin my training, continuing this at HMS Collingwood, and at sea on HMS Intrepid.

On 2nd August 1982 I sailed south on HMS Battleaxe under the command of Captain David B Nolan, who I had previously had the honour to serve under on HMS Galatea (Captain F1) – In company with HMS Amazon, HMS Illustrious and RFA Brambleleaf.

I left the RN in November 1986 to begin my next adventure working in the UK manufacturing sector – watching as this was decimated when much of it was transferred abroad. I am proud to say that I successfully helped bring some back to the UK from Poland, prior to Brexit!

I joined SAMA in 2015,  after receiving my SAM following the Military Medal Review by Sir John Holmes in 2014.

Kevin “Mac” MacDonald (HMS Antrim), had soon roped me in to help man stands at various events in the area, and somehow he talked me into carrying the area standard. Which I have had the honour to do on many occasions. Since “Macs” passing I have shared the SE area representative’s role with Eon Mathews (HMS Glamorgan).

With my impending retirement, I feel I now have the time to step up and do more for the Association by joining the Board of Trustees.

Disclaimer: Trustee Profile written & submitted by Mr Robin Turk.