SAMA 82 40th Anniversary Logo Shirts

The SAMA82 40th Anniversary Logo Shirts are now available for ordering, they can be purchased as either a standard polo shirt or rugby shirt with just the 40th anniversary logo on the left side, or if attending the Twickenham Army v Navy game at Twickenham, a rugby shirt can be purchased with the additional logo on the right side.
Remember that the match charity on the 30th April has been designated as SAMA82.
The shirts costs have been specially negotiated at a much reduced regular price for veterans (£17.00 for rugby shirt & £13.99 for polo shirt – with an additional £1.00 fee to add the rugby match logo)
All details are explained on the website:

To order please click the link:

Note: The shirts can also be ordered ‘with or without rosette’ on the logo which is embroidered in SAM colours, so please be mindful when selecting your order on the FOREVER-JACK website.