Dedicated to the memory of:

Able Seaman (Radar)

Iain Macdonald Boldy 

HMS Argonaut

Garden of Remembrance Iain Macdonald Boldy HMS Argonaut

Iain was born in Derby on the 30/9/61 to his proud mum and dad Arthur Benjamin Boldy and Martha McBryde Boldy. He was baptised at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, where he later attended St. Joseph’s Primary School in Gordon Rd. Derby. In 1972 Iain passed his eleven plus exams and went to Bemrose Grammar School. He had two brothers Keith, who was the eldest and Ron who also served in the Navy. The family moved to a little village just outside Derby called Darley Abbey, where Iain became active in the Darley Abbey Methodist Scout group and also the youth club.

When Iain left school he wanted to join the Royal Navy, but first he wanted to visit his brother here in Australia. To do this he took a job in a printing works and also day college to learn Book Binding and passed with flying colours. He was also very interested in art and we have his one and only oil painting hanging at home. Iain did manage to save his money up and visit his brother in Australia, where he spent a very happy month.

On returning home to the UK his papers were waiting for him to report to HMS Raleigh for training and he completed his Seamanship at HMS Drake. From there he was drafted to HMS Argonaut. He did 6 months in the Gulf, Africa and the Vatican where he met the Pope. In February of 1982 Iain married his Fiancee’, Margaret who was a nurse at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. Finally the Argonaut was sent to the Falklands.

He was killed in action in the morning of Friday May 21st 1982, in what became the Battle of Falkland Sound. The ship was bombed and strafed by Argentine jet aircraft. Iain was buried at sea in the Falkland Sound with Mathew Stuart who was also killed on the Argonaut. The Priests from the Catholic and Methodist Churches officiated at Iain’s Memorial Service. Unfortunately the Headmaster at his old school Bemrose couldn’t put his name on the Roll of Honour as war had never been declared.

In 2022, as part of the 40th Anniversary commemorations, geographical features were identified and named after the fallen of 1982.   BOLDY ISLAND is a small tussac island, south of Inner Northwest Island, in the Northwest Islands group of Falkland Sound.

It is in position
51° 35′ 39.15″ S, 059° 11′ 18.46″ W