The Freedom Of The Falkland Islands

At the Fortieth Anniversary Liberation Day Event, taking place at the National Memorial  Arboretum, on Tuesday 14 June 2022, a MEMBER of the Falkland Islands LEGISLATIVE  ASSEMBLY, will present a ‘signed and sealed’ Scroll to the Chairman of the South Atlantic  Medal Association 82 (SAMA82).

The Scroll confers the FREEDOM OF THE FALKLAND ISLANDS  to all South Atlantic Medal Holders of the 1982 conflict. The handing over of the Scroll  ceremony will be part of the Liberation Day Service and will include a ‘live’ link to a  simultaneous ceremony taking place in the Port City Stanley 8000 miles south of the NMA.  

Further statement: In recognition of the great debt of the Falkland Islands and their people  to all South Atlantic Medal Holders who served in the Falkland Islands and in the waters surrounding the Falkland Islands for the preservation of the liberty and right to self-determination of the people of the Falkland Islands, and the assistance given to the civilian  community by South Atlantic Medal Holders, the LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY of the Falkland  Islands, at a meeting on 16 December 2021 recorded its sincere and grateful thanks and  RESOLVED to confer upon all holders of the South Atlantic Medal, THE FREEDOM OF THE  FALKLAND ISLANDS on the occasion of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Liberation of the  Falkland Islands from Argentine Occupation.  

Any South Atlantic Medal Holder will be able to access and download a copy of the Scroll in the link below:-

Falkland Islands Freedom Scroll for South Atlantic Medal Holders

PLYMOUTH – Freedom Scroll for South Atlantic Medal Holders

PORTSMOUTH – Freedom Scroll for South Atlantic Medal Holders