Membership Rules



There are three main categories of membership:

  • Full Members
  • Associate Members
  • Honorary Members

The membership details are given below:

Membership Rules

Section 1.  Classes of membership 

Full Membership – available to:

1.1 Those personnel who served in or in support of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, between April 2nd and June 14th 1982 in the South Atlantic Campaign and are in receipt of the 1982 South Atlantic Medal.

1.2 Those personnel who served in or in support of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, or in support of the Falkland Island Government between June 14th 1982 and the 21 October 1982 who are in receipt of the 1982 South Atlantic Medal.

1.3 Falkland Islanders and occupants of South Georgia in receipt of the 1982 South Atlantic Medal.

1.4 Corporate bodies awarded the South Atlantic Medal of 1982 (A corporate body shall have the right to exercise one vote, in general meetings, by a representative chosen by the corporate body).

1.5 Widows and/or immediate next of kin of those who lost their lives in the South Atlantic Campaign. (Immediate next of kin are defined as spouse or blood relatives or by legal adoption before 2 April 1982 with the following relationship: spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, grand-children.)

1.6 Note: Full members have full voting rights.

Associate Membership – available to:

2.1 Families of those eligible for full membership who have died since 1982.

2.2 Applicants upon the payment of a fee as required by the Trustees for:

2.2.1 Those with a special or adopted affiliation with the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and British territories linked to the Falkland Islands.

2.2.2 Those interested in supporting the work of the South Atlantic Medal Association 1982.

2.3 Note: Associate members shall have no voting rights up to the 14 June 2017 after which time Associate members shall receive all of the voting rights and responsibilities of Full members.

Honorary Membership may be conferred by the Trustees as follows:-

3.1 An individual who has been of great assistance to the management of SAMA (82)’s corporate affairs.

3.2 Distinguished individuals who had a particular influence on the conduct and outcome of the South Atlantic Campaign in 1982.

3.3 Those named in the South Atlantic Honours List published in the London Gazette of 11 October 1982.

3.4 Note: Honorary members shall have no voting rights.

Trustees from Associate or Honorary classes.

4.1 Where an Associate or Honorary member is elected or appointed as a trustee of the charity then the trustee is to receive full voting rights for the duration of the trusteeship.

Section 2 Application for membership  

Application for membership shall be made initially to the Association Secretary when membership will be decided in accordance with the arrangements and rules prevailing at the time of application.

Section 3 Duties of members

 1 Members have a duty to: –

1.1 Keep the Association Secretary informed of changes to contact address(es), telephone contact and e-mail address(es) and circumstances;

1.2 Seek guidance from the Trustees before addressing the media about Association related matters. This does not impede any individual discussing their personal experiences with the media.  Should a member, however, wish to be critical or controversial then the member is advised to seek guidance from trustees.

Section 4 Donations

               1 Members may donate money to the Association by the following means: –

1.1          Standing order via their bank account;

1.2          By cheque to the registered office made out to SAMA (82).

1.3          Through internet banking or money payment methods.

1.4          Donors will be asked to complete a gift aid form to allow the Association to recover tax paid by the


Section 5 Joining Fees

1.There is normally a fee of £10 for those who join as a holder of the South Atlantic Medal.

  1. There is no fee for those who join under 1.1.3, 1.1.5,1.2.1.
  2. Fees for others joining as Associate Members will normally be £10 but this may be varied at the discretion of the trustees.