Lost and Stolen Medals


Report to the SAMA (82) office – The SAMA (82) office are compiling a list of medals that have unfortunately been lost or stolen. This is so we can hopefully help to reunite medals to their rightful owners. If you have ever been unwillingly parted with your medal and would like your details added to this list, please let the office know and we will add your details. 

If your medal is lost or stolen, you need to make a police report. You will need this anyway for an insurance claim; however, money is no substitute for a missing medal. The Police are unlikely to have the resources to investigate the theft. The next step is to identify the medal as stolen on the internet. There are several web sites used by medal dealers to check the provenance of medals that they are offered. Most recoveries though seem to come from eagle eyed watchers of the medal adverts and sales, but it is a start. Search the internet for “stolen medals register” and a number of sites will appear. This one appears to be the most comprehensive. It will allow you to register your loss however there are no testimonials to its success in recovering stolen medals:


There is no charge to submit a form online at this site, but you must have a Police Crime number for any stolen medals or lost medals.

There is also a Face Book group “Medals LOST, STOLEN or FOUND !” – where you can post the details.

The Royal British Legion also provides information on how to get replacement medals:


This directs you to the Government website link for an Application Form but you also need a letter explaining how the medal was stolen or destroyed, and a copy of the police report or insurance claim. This is the Government Link for the form: