Join SAMA 82

If you wish to join SAMA (82), please read following instructions, then make payments and click the link at the bottom of this page to complete the online application form.

Box 1 to 9 – All applications

  • Box 1: Complete your surname, family name or formal name
  • Box 2: Complete your personal names up to a maximum of two.
  • Box 3: Date of birth in format DD/MM/YY.
  • Box 4: Service number (where relevant)
  • Box 5: Telephone numbers landline and mobile giving codes, both UK and international if not in the UK.
  • Box 6: Title you wish to be addressed by, eg  Mr, Sir, Lt Col, CPO, WO1
  • Box 7: Awards added to name eg OBE
  • Box 8 Home address and post code.  If abroad include country and zip code.
  • Box 9: Email addresses that should be used to contact you.

Box 10 to 16 – Full membership only

  • Box 10: Service  – please write which ones applies to you-  Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Royal Air Force, Merchant Navy, Civil Service, Civilian or Support Role
  • Box 11: The unit, regiment, ship, squadron in which you served during the conflict, if two or more then the main unit.
  • Box 12: The date you joined the service (first time).
  • Box 13: The data you left the service or retired, if you left more than once then the latest date.
  • Box 14: Your rank on 14 June 1982 (You may leave this blank)
  • Box 15: Your rank on leaving the service (You may leave this blank)
  • Box 16: Describe any awards or medals you hold and when these were awarded

Box 17 to 18 – Associate membership only 

  • Box 17: Describe your interest, involvement or association with SAMA 82 or the South Atlantic. For Next of Kin of servicemen killed in action please give full name and date of death of family member.
  • Box 18: Give details of someone who can verify the details you have given – you will be asked before your referee is approached

Box 19 to 21  Membership Payment Fees

  • Box 20 Tick method of payment. 
  • Box 21 For Bacs transfer payments only payment must be made prior to submitting application and details must be entered in BOX 21.

Box 22 Terms & Conditions

Click submit to agree that you understand the data protection issues and that the information is factually correct to the best of your knowledge. If you have changed your names, please provide the names you were known by on the 14 June 1982. If you have difficulty with any of the questions, phone the office number 01495 741592 or email to and seek advice.


  • Please make the Membership Fee Payment of £10 payable at the time of application.
  • No fee is payable for next of kin of servicemen killed in action during the Falklands conflict.

If you are a UK tax payer and wish for us to claim an extra 25% on any donations to SAMA 82 with Gift Aid, please also complete the following Gift Aid Declaration form.  Gift Aid Declaration

Method 1 – Bacs Transfer – Please mark your payment with the reference memberfee/surname

Account Name: SAMA 82
Account No. 01514660
Sort Code. 40-40-04

Method 2. Cheque – made payable to SAMA 82 –and returned to the office preferably attached to your completed application form or if your application is submitted via email, direct to the office but clearly writing – membership fee / full name – on the back of the cheque.

Please return your remittance to:- South Atlantic Medal Association 1982, Unit 25 Torfaen Business Centre, Panteg Way, New Inn, Pontypool, Torfaen NP4 0LS