White Ship Red Crosses Book


White Ship Sails On!”

SAMA82 Members who attended the 2019 AGM will be aware that, with no advance warning whatsoever, the publishers of White Ship – Red Crosses ceased trading just before Christmas 2018. Overnight, the book simply vanished into thin air! White Ship – Red Crosses was first published from the well-attended book launch held on board HMS Warrior in April 2010. As well as several unique contributions from those who had served on board Her Majesty’s Hospital Ship Uganda in 1982, many SAMA82 and BLESMA members also contributed with their own very well-written contributions to the book, making this a fascinating and thoughtful account of British servicemen injured in conflict, thousands of miles from home. In spite of all predictions to the contrary,  we had already achieved five printed editions in the eight years since publication. These included a limited, newly-indexed, hard-back edition published in 2017. 

With a proportion from each book sale donated to our association, several thousand pounds had already been fund-raised for SAMA82 from my accompanying Power-Point Presentations, which I have arranged all over UK since 2010.
So, in spite of the original publishers ‘going bust’ last year, I was reluctant to simply let the whole project sink to Davey Jones’s locker! (Eventually, some of the smart, hard-back editions arrived on my doorstep, and these are still available by post by making email contact as below.) 
****** And – finally – The Good News! White Ship  –  Red Crosses back in print and  
                                      available to purchase on the Amazon website **** 
Publishers are New Generation Publishers. The web link as below should also find the book online.
ISBN Number: 9781 789557404. 
Cost £12.99p. NB: Cheaper than all previous editions!
A nice Christmas or Birthday present for someone you know? 
Please make email contact for further information: 
SAMA82 member and author Nicci Pugh  n_pugh@btinternet.com
Your feedback as SAMA82 members with a short (nice!) review for this book on the Amazon website would be very much appreciated.