Dedicated to the memory of:

Acting Steward

Shaun Hanson

HMS Ardent

Garden of Remembrance Shaun Hanson HMS Ardent

Shaun was born in Sheffield on 15 Jan 62 and educated at Ecclesfield School, where he was a very popular pupil, participating in many school activities and sports. Blessed with many friends, he had a very happy and carefree childhood. Summer holidays were spent at Filey with his two sisters Carol and Lisa. He loved splashing in the waves, playing cricket and football on the sand; these outdoor beach pursuits reflected his other passion – ships and the sea.

On leaving school he was taken on at a local Sheffield engineering company, C I Jenkinson Ltd, as an apprentice toolmaker. Deep down however, Shaun’s heart was set on joining the Royal Navy. Jenkinsons did everything they could to try and persuade him to stay – but to no avail. Shaun applied to join the RN in October 1980, entering HMS Raleigh for his basic training in the following March. He then took specialist courses at HMS Pembroke and HMS Nelson, before joining the Type 21 frigate HMS Ardent on 11th February 1982. The ship then went to Norway, and Shaun enjoyed runs-ashore in Stavanger and Narvik.

As storm clouds gathered in the South Atlantic, Ardent became part of the British Task Force sent to retake the Falkland Islands from the Argentine invaders. However, his last letter home requested all the news and gossip about his beloved Sheffield United Football Club!

The landings at San Carlos on Friday May 21st saw Ardent in the thick of the fighting, protecting the troops from fierce aerial attack. The ship was hit several times. After the first bomb strikes, Shaun was seen fighting a fire in the helicopter hangar with great resolve and determination. He was then rendering First Aid to an injured colleague when the second attack came in. Steward Hanson and his patient were both killed instantly.

This brave young bachelor is still missed by all his family and friends, as well as his Navy ‘oppos’ and workmates from Sheffield days. He is formally remembered there by a school cup, a swimming trophy, a memorial tree and a portrait that keeps his name honoured and alive …


Remembering Shaun today, as I do most times when I drive past where we lived in Ecclesfield.
Shaun was older than me, I was 14 when Shaun went off to the Falklands, occasionally he would play football on the field at the back of his house, the day he was getting picked up all the kids that played football said we will see you when you get back, sadly he never returned. T
Totally shocking news for the whole of Ecclesfield, not to mention his family, the local pub Shaun would go in (the fighting cock, now under a different name ) placed a plaque on the wall for all the locals to remember him. RIP mate x


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In 2022, as part of the 40th Anniversary commemorations, geographical features were identified and named after the fallen of 1982.   HANSON BAY is the main landing bay at Second Passage in the Passage Island group, West Falkland.

It is in position
51° 34′ 24.08″ S, 060° 47′ 06.21″ W