Dedicated to the memory of:

2nd Engineering Officer

Paul Anderson Henry GM

RFA Sir Galahad

Paul, from Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland died on 8th June 1982 upon the Sir Galahad when it was bombed at Fitzroy.

He was posthumously awarded the George Medal for his actions.  His citation reads as follows: 





The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to approve the Posthumous award of the George Medal to the undermentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished service during the operations in the South Atlantic:

Second Engineer Officer Paul Anderson Henry, Royal Fleet Auxiliary

On 8th June 1982, after RFA Sir Galahad had been bombed by Argentine aircraft during troop disembarkation in Fitzroy Creek, the Engine Room compartments quickly filled with thick black smoke. Second Engineer Officer Henry and Third Engineer Officer Hailwood were present in the Main Control Room. A junior Engineer Officer was at the after end of the Engine Room and had to fight his way back through thick smoke to the Main Control Room area.

Second Engineer Officer Henry then told the Junior Engineer Officer to take the breathing apparatus and set and get out of the Engine Room when they would follow. By this unselfish and courageous act, he saved the Junior Officer’s life, at the same time sacrificing his own. The Junior Officer managed to reach safety, but both Second Engineer Officer Henry and Third Engineer Officer Hailwood perished.

Second Engineer Officer Henry’s act will stand proudly in the annals of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service.

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In 2022, as part of the 40th Anniversary commemorations, geographical features were identified and named after the fallen of 1982.   HENRY ISLAND is a small tussac island at the entrance to Bodie Creek, Choiseul Should, East Falkland.

It is in position
51° 51′ 20.41″ S, 058° 58′ 29.24″ W

As well as Henry Island, Paul was chosen to have a street named after him at the Mount Pleasant Complex (MPC). MPC is the base for British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI). HENRY ROAD is located at
51° 49′ 51.34″ S, 058° 27′ 47.52″ W