Dedicated to the memory of:

Air Engineering Mechanic (Radio) 1

Brian Peter Hinge

HMS Glamorgan

Garden of Remembrance Brian Peter Hinge HMS Glamorgan

Brian Peter Hinge junior was born on 23rd January 1958 at Penninsula Barracks, Warrington to Catherine and Brian Peter Hinge senior. He was later joined by two younger sisters, Lynn and Joan.

Brian attended Saint Bernadette’s Secondary School from 1969 to 1974. He did not follow in the family footsteps, his Father, Grandfather and Uncles were all in the Army, but at the age of 12 Brian joined the Sea Cadet unit T.S. Endeavour in Bristol and attended faithfully until he left school. It was obvious to all that he was going into the Royal Navy and in 1974 he took his entrance exam and passed with flying colours.

His Naval career began at HMS Ganges, where he passed out as JEM(A)2 on 8th December 1974, going on to HMS Daedalus and then HMS Osprey until 29th April 1977. He then joined HMS Ark Royal as REM(A)1 and remained with her for her last commission. For the next 18 months or so he was stationed at HMS Osprey and HMS Daedalus and attained the grade of AEM(R)1.

Brian joined HMS Glamorgan on 5th October 1981. On 12th June 1982, HMS Glamorgan was struck by a land-launched Exocet missile while withdrawing having been on shore bombardment in support of Army units fighting the final battles for Stanley. Brian and twelve others lost their lives.

His first love was the Royal Navy. His hobbies were ice skating and music, he had a vast record collection, and he enjoyed every minute of his short life. He was an outgoing character and throughout his Naval career he kept in contact with his cadet unit and school. Brian is remembered at Saint Bernadette’s School where a memorial plaque, consisting of the School and Glamorgan crests, has been placed in the entrance hall. There are further memorial plaques at Saint Bernadette’s R.C. Church and on the Quarter Deck of T.S. Endeavour.

Sunset on the 12th June 1982, at position 51° 50.5’S 053° 31.2’W


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In 2022, as part of the 40th Anniversary commemorations, geographical features were identified and named after the fallen of 1982.   HINGE BAY is located between Blake Inlet and Cattle Point on the east shore of the Bay of Harbours, East Falkland. 

It is in position
52° 10′ 36.68″ S, 059° 15′ 24.27″ W