Dedicated to the memory of:


Wayne David Tarbard 

9 Independent Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers

Garden of Remembrance Wayne David Tarbard 9 Independent Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers

Wayne was the first son of David and Jocelyn Tarbard. Born on 6th January 1963 in Burton on Trent, the second child of five children – Sharon, Karl, Maxine and Kirsty. Wayne attended primary school in Hilton, followed by a secondary education at Hatton School. Here he began to develop a yearning for a career in the Armed Forces. He was a keen sportsman, playing for a local football team with aspirations of playing for Liverpool, his favourite club, and he was also a member of the Marston Church choir (though not renowned for his singing voice!). Wayne was always interested in people around him and the part time pocket money jobs he undertook reflected his interest in the village and the surrounding community – a Butchers lad for the local butcher, paper rounds and a variety of jobs at the Hilcrete Company. However, his long-term career path was to join the Army and work towards a trade. To this end he enlisted at The Royal Engineers Apprentice College in Chepstow at 16 and a half years of age.

After completing his training, he qualified as an Engineer and was posted to Maidstone in Kent to 36 Royal Engineers Regiment. He made many friends most of whom came home every weekend and made use of the hospitality offered by his family and friends. Fried egg sandwiches were definitely the order of the day!

In April 1982 Wayne received the news that 36 Engineer Regiment were to be deployed on Operation Corporate (The Falkland Islands)- the squadron became part of 4 Troop 9 Para Squadron. With his colleagues he sailed on the QE2 to the South Atlantic, destination South Georgia. The Squadron was then transferred to a smaller vessel to reach San Carlos Bay. On the 7th June 1982 Wayne’s Squadron was aboard HMS Fearless alongside the Welsh Guards in order to undertake a frontal assault on Port Stanley. This mission was aborted due to bad weather conditions. The men were dropped off on land and picked up by the Sir Galahad. On the 8th June 1982 the Sir Galahad was lying off Fitzroy Bay when it was bombed by Argentine aircraft. Wayne was listed as missing in action. The Sir Galahad was later scuttled as a war grave in Falklands Water.

In his remembrance his family funded a Rose Bowl which was presented annually to the top Sapper on the Cadre course. A member of Wayne’s family under took this presentation since it’s inauguration in 1983. Wayne’s South Atlantic Medal can be seen in the Royal Engineers Museum in Chatham, Kent. The Rose Bowl is now with 23 in Woodbridge.

The Tarbard Rose Bowl

“To the world he was a soldier

To us he was the world.”

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In 2022, as part of the 40th Anniversary commemorations, geographical features were identified and named after the fallen of 1982.   TARBARD ISLAND is a tussac island in Port King, on the East Falkland side of Falkland Sound.

It is in position
51° 55′ 11.22″ S, 059° 32′ 18.29″ W