Brian Sherrington

I retired from the regular Army in July 2013 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, spending 38 wonderful years climbing the promotion ladder from Sapper in 1975 in what was a whirlwind career of ups and downs, but mainly positive experiences.  Since then I have been employed as a Personnel Recovery Officer helping transition Wounded, Injured and Sick soldiers in to civilian life, and latterly as the National Veterans’ Employment Manager with the Regular Forces Employment Association.

I saw active service on the streets of Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands and both Gulf wars.

I deployed on Operation CORPORATE with 36 Engineer Regiment as a Lance Corporal in 1982 and spent much of the operation and subsequent clear-up/stabilisation in awe at what we had achieved.  Because I wasn’t one of the ‘gladiators’ taking Longdon and Tumbledown, based exclusively in San Carlos, it was only in 2012 that I joined SAMA82.  I now realise the mistake I had made as the membership is one of camaraderie and kindred spirits.  I was one of the lucky 50 veterans that travelled back to the Islands for the 30th anniversary, where I stayed with the same family that billeted me all those years ago in the months directly after the conflict.  I now feel I have a family in the South Atlantic.

Having gained an MSc in Leadership and Management from Portsmouth University and with my wealth of experience, I believe my dynamism and people skills are being put to good use by SAMA as a trustee.

Over 40 years since the conflict in the South Atlantic, I am now enjoying ‘giving something back’.

Disclaimer: Trustee Profile written & submitted by Mr Brian Sherrington.