Our Heroes fought across the Oceans

In honourable remembrance of our fallen comrades I have composed a Hymn. It is to the welsh tune Myfanwy and is entitled “Our Heroes fought across the oceans”

Our Heroes fought cross the Oceans
They died to set the Falklands Free
Their sacrifice we’ll ere remember
For old like us they’ll never be
Their youth, their life so full of promise
Their courage on the day they fell
The Sun gone down and, in the morning,
Our heroes stories we will tell

Remember them oh Great Britannia
Your sons they did not die in vain
The Falklands they were liberated
Our Islands free still remain “Desire the Right” is still their Motto
No foreign flag will ever stain
The skies above Port Stanley harbour
A Union Flag will ere Reign

Our Navy Army and our Airforce
Our Falkland Folk still Proud and Free
And all who joined the mighty Task Force
And sailed across the mighty seas
Join in our humble prayer of thanks now
To God our Father let us cry
Let those who fought and died for freedom
Come home to live with thee on High.

-Alex Menzies
16 Field Ambulance on board RFA Sir Galahad