Shining The Plates of Heroes

We came again to say goodbye, to friends who paid the price, who lie at peace far from their homes, they made the sacrifice.

Shipmates, comrades, one and all, heroes some would say, who gave their lives so long ago the ultimate price to pay.


We laid our wreaths, said words and prayers where battles took our mates, we took our tools and cleaning cloths and cleaned the heroes plates.

We left a stone or wooden cross or stood in silent prayer, for those that fell on land or sea and are no longer there.


And all around a cross or rock points where our young boys fell.

The plates now shine upon the fields of battle once a hell.

Leaving now to turn for home with others on their way, they’ll shine the plates of heroes, say words and some will pray.


Stay safe now you shipmates and comrades one and all, we know you’ve climbed the stairs to heavens heroes call.

But we will come and shine your plates, stand tall and say some prayers, until its time to join you lads and climb  those heroes stairs.


Rest in peace Shipmates and Comrades.

Peter Reed