We left you on watch

It’s the memories lads that we all hold so dear, of good times and bad times but mostly of cheer

We left you on watch, twas a sad thing to do, but rest assured shipmates we’re all thinking of you

A few head south now and again, back to our place in the wind and the rain

8 miles north of an Island we saw, where we all fought so hard till we could do no more

Years have passed since we parted our ways but our memories, they’re ours, and survived the waves

Each year we meet, your shipmates and all, to read your names when our glasses are full

But lads rest assured, as you will know, it’s daily thoughts of you that give us that ‘glow’

It’s not the tot or the next round of beers it’s knowing that one day we all meet to say cheers!

Up Spirits Lads!

-Chris Howe MBE – Chairman HMS Coventry D118 Association