Dedicated to the memory of:


William Simpson Frazer

RFA Fort Grange

William Frazer (Also widely used “Fraser”) served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, leaving the service in 1947, whereupon he joined the Merchant Navy.

During 1982 he was serving with RFA Fort Grange and entered the total exclusion zone on the 3 June 1982.

William died of heart problems on the 30 June 1982, aged 59, and was buried at sea.

In 2022, as part of the 40th Anniversary commemorations, geographical features were identified and named after the fallen of 1982.   FRASER CREEK is a small creek at the head of Moffit Harbour, on the East Falkland side of Falkland Sound.

It is in position 
52° 04′ 51.23″ S, 059° 34′ 41.52″ W