Dedicated to the memory of:

Weapons Engineering Mechanic (Radio) 1

Simon John Lawson

HMS Ardent

Simon, from Whitley Bay, Northumberland was born on 3rd January 1961.

He died when HMS Ardent was bombed and sunk in Falkland Sound on 21st May 1982.



There are Angels in the skies!! They are in disguise, in the skies.  I have known, because I have been shown, that ancient mystery, of the Angels in disguise, in the skies.

Introducing Simone and Lazarus, covert cormorants who are Angel’s undercover.

As you will discover Far, far away in time, there is a beautiful beach, where my precious memories, I can reach.

A time far away, when you were alive, the sun, and the fun we had, made us thrive. 

Far away in time, the hours we would spend, we didn’t know that this time was only a lend. 

Far, far away in time, there is a place, where my memories, dance and chase 

Back in that time, our lives were wonderfully fine.  My memories take me back there still, before you were the sacrifice, you were the kill, 

On foreign land, and for our liberty, you took our stand, under Navy command, 

So far away in time, you with me, wanted to stay. It will be okay, I say, how wish I had said no! let us run away, 

So far away in time, only twenty-one, then you were gone had I known, we would have flown, Had I known the seeds of fate had already been sown?  Now I can only see you as an Angel cormorant in the sky, you’re in disguise, 

I know you are real, when you show me your heavenly angel shaped wings, my soul sings to see your heavenly shape with military honours on you they should drape see your tell-tale white leg patch, my breath I must catch, A dazzling Angel, I can see, or is it only me??  Wherever, or whenever, I am, my happy memory beach is within reach, not so far away in time.  The memories are mine; I hardly know what went before, the Falklands War.  You were my best friend’s brother, you were my future lover. 

This is dedicated to Simon Lawson who served on H.M.S. Ardent

Written by C Christmas.


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In 2022, as part of the 40th Anniversary commemorations, geographical features were identified and named after the fallen of 1982.   LAWSON BEACH is a boulder beach on the north coast of Whisky Island, in the Sea Lion Islands group, East Falkland.

It is in position
52° 26′ 32.27″ S, 058° 59′ 17.39″ W