Dedicated to the memory of:

Local Acting Chief Air Engineering Mechanician

David Lee 

HMS Glamorgan

David, from Leeds, West Yorkshire was born on 5th August 1946.

He died on 12th June 1982 when HMS Glamorgan was damaged by a land launched exocet missile.

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I knew Dave ‘Grubber’ Lee when I was on 737 Squadron. As a young Lieutenant Engineer, I was teamed up with Dave to learn my trade in the latter part of 1980. Dave tried to ensure that this Grammar School boy could use a spanner and transferred as much as he could about aircraft engineering to me during my CofC time at Portland. The RN does particularly well with Senior Rates who know what their young officers need and I owe a lot to Dave’ s patience. We subsequently met when as AEO of 824C Flight in a Fort boat, Dave was in Glamorgan and I think we found ourselves in the Med in mid-1981. Here I remember ensuring Dave got some help fixing a part that his Wessex 3 had consumed! I can see Dave in my mind’s eye – I’m 6 ft plus and he was not as tall as me – and I wish I was better at describing folk. He had a regional accent but I can’t place it.

When the Exocet hit Glamorgan, it quickly became evident that I might have lost a pal. Unfortunately as the news emerged I realised that the flight had bought it almost entirely. As I recall the officers had literally just gone forward and the lads of the flight were having a coffee as the ship left her gun line for safer waters. My flight commander knew I knew Dave and I recall that I got the strongest feeling that at the time I was not being told what had happened … but the story emerged fairly quickly. I know nothing more. I wish I had taken more pictures when at Portland but I will always remember Dave Lee… a really great guy.

John Osmond, A very ex-AEO of 824 C Flight

Sunset on the 12th June 1982, at position 51° 50.5’S 053° 31.2’W

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In 2022, as part of the 40th Anniversary commemorations, geographical features were identified and named after the fallen of 1982.   LEE BAY is a sheltered baton the east coast of Sea Lion Islands Choiseul Sound, East Falkland.

It is in position
51° 55′ 51.68″ S, 058° 43′ 07.22″ W