Dedicated to the memory of:


Sik Chee Yu

RFA Sir Tristram

Sik Chee Yu was born in Hong Kong.

He died onboard Sir Tristram when it was bombed in Fitzroy Sound on 8th June 1982.

Garden of Remembrance Mandarin Symbols for Rest In Peace

Mandarin Symbols meaning ‘Rest in Peace’


Adrian Walker

I am following up my recent visit to the Garden of Remembrance site. I am Adrian Walker and my father was Captain William James Walker RFA. In 1974 at the age of 16yrs, I made a trip on RFA Sir Galahad to Gibraltar & Malta. The ship’s bosun was Sik Chee Yu who sadly perished on Sir Tristram during the Falklands War, and I am so pleased to see his name commemorated here.

During the 1974 trip on Sir Galahad, he and the ship’s carpenter (whose name I cannot recall) looked after me in many ways. On a run ashore at Gib they took me around several shops and bought me a flash gun for my new camera, and I shall never forget the animated bartering that went on in the store.

On board ship, he would bring me soft drinks – cans of coke etc, and he would often knock on my cabin door and say, “Boy come with me, show you things to do on ship”.

On returning to Marchwood Military Port, Sik Chee Yu and the carpenter took us to a backstreet Chinese restaurant in Southampton, and after some vigorous banter in Chinese, the most magnificent selection of food arrived.

I know that my father who was CHOFF at the time had asked him to “keep me busy or out of the way”, but I shall never forget Sik Chee Yu and his generosity and kindness; the loss often brings tears to my eyes.

Sik Chee Yu, never to be forgotten and fondly remembered.

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In 2022, as part of the 40th Anniversary commemorations, geographical features were identified and named after the fallen of 1982.   YU POINT is the easternmost point of East Island, at the entrance to Port Fitzroy, East Falkland. 

It is in position
51° 47′ 18.30″ S, 058° 02′ 51.18″ W