Desire the Right

( Dedicated to my shipmates and all who wear the South Atlantic medal with pride. But especially those 255 who are on eternal patrol)

April 2nd was the day
All the papers had to say
At 20 years old….. had better learn to pray
The day before was no joke
I was just a normal bloke
Tomorrow would be…..
..The man in me, that awoke

The next 10 weeks would prove to be
Life changing times upon the Sea
We had to sail…..
..And set them Free

Swiftly, the Lady decreed
Retíraos, or find yourselves besieged
My land and people…..
..Will be retrieved
For I have sent a powerful might
To visit thee in dead of night
You really won’t want…..
..To fight THAT fight

A deaf ear, they turned
The offer spurned
There were about to be…..
..Several lessons learned

Who Dares Wins arrived with stealth
To wrestle back the Islands wealth
And restore the land…..
..To perfect health

But not without a woeful cost
As the Steel City was sadly lost
And to the depths…..
..Twenty lives were tossed
The same fate came to several more
Whilst keeping safe all those ashore
Two hundred and fifty five souls…..
..Labelled ‘Casualties of War’

City of 3 spires, then fell
Sounding again, that same death knell
Antelope and Ardent adrift…..
..when next, death cast his ugly spell

Jumping jets were jumping high
Then standing still in deep blue sky
Wreaking destruction…..
..with measured eye

14th June when silence reigned
What was lost was now regained
But at a cost…..
..Every man forever pained
The memory of this righteous fight
Empire blue, sea green and white
Restored the Islands…..
..’Desire the Right’

-Lowen Pengoose