Down Falklands Way

Far far away there are two islands, In 1982 they made the news.

They go by the name of the Falklands. But to many, where’s that? They did bemuse.

Are they off Scotland, Or in the North Sea. 

In some far off land? No!! off Argentina they be. 

Soldiers of the Argentine came to claim these isles, From Britain so very far away.

They didn’t count on many soldiers in their files, Coming South in ships the following May.

On the first of May the fighting began, Out at sea, it was so rough. 

But we stood fast to a man, This was no game,  and the going was getting tough. 

Bad news, our first ship was sank, The crew were saved except for a few.

It could have been worse, for that we thank, Many who died, were men we knew.

Now ashore, boots on the ground, Out from the beach head.

There were plenty of Argies to be found, Now comes the time to count the dead.

The war goes on for weeks and a day, More young men give their lives.

And while the politicians have their say, More bad news for military wives

Then one day, there comes great news, The White flag is flying over Stanley.

Everyone has their point of views, The war is over and off back home, finally. 

-Michael Hanks, HMS Hermes