Falklands Task Force

Car packed and ready to go;
on leave so we thought but it wasn’t so;
I suppose it wasn’t just meant to be;
T Air Defence Battery was going to sea;
Across the south Atlantic Ocean;
Well at least that was the notion

One hundred and ten ships all packed to the top;
Commandoes, Paras, Guards, Ordinance, Artillery, the lot;
This is it lads. We’re going to war;
But nobody knew, what was in store
And all those mixed up feelings inside;
Were damn near impossible for us to hide.

We landed at a place called San Carlos Bay;
In nineteen eighty-two. On the twenty first of May;
To repel Argentine invaders from the Malvinas;
Anxious, proud and scared. You had to have seen us.
Across the Falklands, the Task Force did travel;
By air, sea and foot and not as a rabble;

Objective Port Stanley for the final shove;
First taking Tumble Down; Goose Green and Bluff Cove
We recaptured the Islands. They were British again,
And amid all the glory, cheering and pain;
We now look to peace for as long as we reign
And no more hostilities, that drive man insane.

-Robert C Millar