First Mount Pebble Island

Up on First Mount Pebble Island, there’s a silent place, a lovely place, it’s where we went to remember,

Twas a windy place and the light was fading, but they knew we were there and why we were there
Shipmates present, come to remember shipmate’s past, sadly their watch now over, but still on patrol,

Words were spoken, and names were called, poppies were laid, and a toast was made, Up Spirits lads!

It’s sippers for us but gulpers for you, the rum flask was charged, was the least we could do

Each with our memories on that cold Monday eve, up there on First Mount where all is at ease

The time came to leave was a sad thing to do, but others will come that are thinking of you

Meanwhile lads be assured to know, we will all come and join you when our watch is over

– Chris Howe MBE