Michael Sherrington



I had just turned 1 years old when my father, Brian Sherrington was dispatched to defend the Falkland Islands and I have no military service. I am aware that the trustees and membership are an aging group and feel that my relative youth could help to keep the charity working as the years progress

I am married and have two wonderful children. My working life started when I left High School with my GCSE’s and by the time I reached my late 20’s, I had developed into a strong leader. I now hold a Senior Shift Manager role at leading Global manufacturing company and have worked here in Skelmersdale for nearly 10 years

I would love to do anything I can to contribute and support this amazing charity and have learnt over the years from my Dad directly or indirectly about what this conflict has done to so many lives and I am proud to have been asked to potentially contribute in any way I can

With strong people skills and the challenges I have faced throughout my life, this leads me to believe I have something to offer this charity and I would relish the opportunity to follow my father and continue to give something back

Disclaimer: Trustee Profile written & submitted by Mr Michael Sherrington