Tuesday 1st June 1982

  • Two RAF Harriers fly direct from Ascension to HMS Hermes off the Falklands.
  • RN Sea Harrier shot down off Stanley, pilot rescued by RN Sea King helicopter.
  • 5 Infantry Brigade troops from the P&O liner Canberra & MV Norland to Blue Beach at San Carlos being transported by landing craft.
1 June 1982. 5 Infantry Brigade troops from the P&O liner CANBERRA to BLUE Beach at San Carlos being transported by landing craft.

Wednesday 2nd June 1982

  • Mrs Thatcher offers Argentina last chance to withdraw.
  • Canberra arrives in San Carlos Water, carrying bulk of 5 Infantry Brigade, transferred from QE2 off South Georgia.
  • 2 PARA move forward to Fitzroy settlement and Bluff Cove.
  • ‘Friendly fire’ incident between an SBS patrol and an SAS patrol, 1 lost.

Thursday 3rd June 1982

  • Versailles summit opens, Reagan five-point plan given to Britain.
  • RAF Vulcan bomber diverts to Brazil with refuelling problems after raid on Stanley airfield.

Saturday 5th June 1982

  •  42 Commando RM occupy Mount Challenger.
  • Gazelle helicopter of 656 Sqn AAC shot down in ‘friendly fire’ incident, 3 lost.

Sunday 6th June 1982

  • First visit to Montevideo by a hospital ambulance ship. HMS Hydra lands 51 casualties to be flown back to the UK on board RAF VC10s.

Monday 7th June 1982

  • UN Secretary General announces peace plan.
  • Argentine photo-reconnaissance Learjet shot down over San Carlos.

Saturday 12th June 1982

  • HMS Glamorgan, while withdrawing to sea after supporting above attacks, hit by land-launched Exocet fired from Stanley, 13 lost.

Sunday 13th June 1982

  • 2 PARA attack Wireless Ridge, 3 lost.
  • 2nd Bn Scots Guards attack Tumbledown Mountain, 9 lost.
  • Heavy Argentine shelling of British positions, 1 lost.
  • 1/7 Gurkhas move up ready to attack Mount William.

Monday 14th June 1982

  • Argentine forces surrender, British forces take up positions in Stanley.
  • At 2300 the BBC World Service announces the war on East Falkland is over and that this situation is expected to extend to West Falklands within hours.

Tuesday 15th June 1982

  • Argentine prisoners collected from outlying units; 10,254 in total.

Wednesday 16th June 1982

  • Land Forces HQ established at Government House, cleanup and consolidation of Stanley area begins.

Thursday 17th June 1982

  • General Galtieri replaced as President of Argentina and commander-in-chief of the Army.
  • HMS Plymouth first British warship to sail back into Port Stanley.
  • HMS Yarmouth and RFA Olmeda pick up men from M Company, 42 Commando from South Georgia.

Friday 18th June 1982

  • Canberra left for Puerto Madryn, Argentina, carrying POWs.

Saturday 19th June 1982

  • HMS Endurance, HMS Yarmouth,  RFA Olmeda and RFA Salvageman arrives at Southern Thule.

Sunday 20th June 1982

  • EEC lifts trade sanctions against Argentina.
  • Argentine forces surrender on Southern Thule when remainder of M Coy, 42 Cdo arrive

Monday 21st June 1982

  • The new Argentine President, General Bignone, announces that the ceasefire will be observed by all Argentine forces.

Tuesday 22nd June 1982

  • Canberra returns from Argentina and embarks 3 Cdo Brigade for return to England.
  • Norland embarks 2 PARA and 3 PARA and sails for Ascension Island.

Thursday 24th June 1982

  • First extended-range Hercules lands at Stanley airfield.
  • Fatal explosion while clearing Argentine trenches at Goose Green, 1 lost.

Friday 25th June 1982

  • Alexander Haig quits as US Secretary of State, George Shultz takes over.
  • RFA Sir Galahad scuttled at sea as a war grave.